Wellness in Portsmouth, NH

“Change, like healing, takes time”.

– Veronica Roth

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Our Wellness services in Portsmouth, NH

An important part of being healthy is prevention! We have a range of services available in our Portsmouth NH wellness center to relax your body and mind and encourage you to be the healthiest you can be.

All modalities can be blended together to create the perfect massage and wellness program for you. Most modalities are also available as a full treatment.

Wellness Services in Portsmouth, NH

At Massage and Wellness Collective, we know how important it is to nourish your whole being. As well as physical care, you may need holistic and emotional care for complete wellbeing. We offer holistic treatments including Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki Therapy, Reflexology, Healing Touch, and Shadow Work.

Craniosacral therapy Is a holistic healing practice. It uses a light, gentle touch to balance the craniosacral system in the body, including bones, nerves, fluids, and connective tissues of the cranium and spinal area.

This experience works with the Universal Life Force Energy to open Chakras and blocked energy and improve your flow of life force energy. It creates a unique spiritual state that offers emotional and physical healing as well as deep physical and mental relaxation. As your practitioner passes healing energy to you while you remain fully dressed, this is a wonderful approach for those who are not yet comfortable being unclothed.

Great as an enhancement to a massage or a standalone treatment, reflexology applies pressure to set points on the feet and hands to promotes wellness and relieve pain throughout your body.

Chakra Balancing is amazing for those who need healing of their energetic and physical body. Using energy healing that focuses on channelling energy into the seven Chakras, this approach aligns your seven main Chakras with a combination of massage, specific essential oil blends, and healing crystals. It is a peaceful and meditative experience that will leave you feeling calm and harmonious.

Polarity therapy uses a combination of techniques to balance and harmonize the body’s energy. Some of the key techniques and methods employed in polarity therapy include: gentle touch and manipulation of the body are used to release tension, improve energy flow, and balance the body’s energy fields. On read more link- Polarity therapy may involve light touch on specific points of the body, energy balancing where the practitioner uses their hands to detect and correct imbalances in the body’s energy field, and/or polarized touch which involves the use of light touch, rocking, and other body movements to release energy blockages and encourage energy flow.

Psychic Readings in Portsmouth, NH

At the Massage and Wellness collective, we offer clarity and guidance to help you connect with your intuition and release emotional baggage to complement the wellness services we can provide for your physical well-being. As a sanctuary, we believe that we provide the perfect place to help you if you feel lost or confused about anything in your life.

While we treat you in the present moment, we also understand wellbeing is achieved through clarity towards the future and releasing the emotional baggage of past hurts. To offer you guidance through this healing, we provide Tarot Readings and Clairaudient Work.

Tarot readings can provide you with insight into yourself – where you have come from, where you want to go, and how to continue moving forward. A self-improvement technique, a tarot reading in our Portsmouth NH wellness center can provide you with an image of what your life is like at that moment and reveal influences, obstacles, behavioral patterns, and strengths that you may have been unaware of. As the future is dynamic, tarot reading does not predict the future or tell you what you should do; it can provide you with a range of potential future actions and outcomes. The benefit of tarot reading is that it gives you insight into your life to empower you to make useful decisions for a positive future. These sessions can be offered in person or by phone.

During a session you are guided to explore your inner energy and emotions. The purpose of this session is to identify, clarify, and release old traumas, programming, or repetition of negative outcomes. In turn this will provide a positive state of well-being and connection, allowing you to heal, and heighten your spiritual state of being. This session may involve meditation, visualization, reiki, and/or intuitively guided clairaudient work from the practitioner to help balance and harmonize your body, mind, and spirit. The goal of an inner alchemy healing session is to facilitate self-awareness, release emotional blockages, and restore harmony, ultimately promoting physical and emotional healing. This session is fully clothed.

The Akashic Records are the spiritual dimension that holds your soul’s archive – the information that transcends all time and space, that is your Essence – who you really are at your truest vibration. Benefits of an Akashic Records reading include:, understanding your purpose and why you are here, answering specific questions you struggle with or that currently lack clarity, understanding people in your life and how they impact you. These sessions can be offered in person or by phone.

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Lees LLees L
12:19 11 Jun 24
I have finally found a serious, therapeutic massage delivered by skilled professionals. As an athlete, my performance and comfort is enhanced by regular, therapeutic massage. I'm not here to just relax (although that's an option!); I'm here to feel better than when I came in and that is always the case when I visit various therapists at the Massage and Wellness Collective. It's a beautiful venue in a convenient location - near downtown but plenty of parking. I'm so happy to have found this place and highly recommend their services.
Sarah OlesonSarah Oleson
21:35 31 May 24
Wow. Brilliant job.
Preety SidhuPreety Sidhu
15:11 10 Mar 24
Great place, great massage therapists, great customer experience!
Jennifer KahnJennifer Kahn
15:31 26 Feb 24
I was given a massage certificate from my daughters for Christmas. Beth was my person and she is fantastic. I work two jobs, so this was a treat. I was so relaxed for the rest of the day. I live two hours away or I would make another appointment if only I lived closer. Thank you Beth, I appreciate you very much !!!
Amelia JoselowAmelia Joselow
19:39 11 Feb 24
Great atmosphere and staff. Such a relaxing and soothing time. Highly recommend!!!!
Kacey BKacey B
17:21 24 Jan 24
I played ice hockey at a very high level for over 20 years. I've received average 2-3 massages a month for the past 10 years. Heather might be the best massage I've ever had. I have started trying other therapists as well and I must say, this is the place to go! If you are around the Seacoast area and within a 20 miles radius of Portsmouth-Massage and Wellness Collective is worth every mile and penny! Thank you all for being fantastic therapists and people!
16:34 16 Jan 24
Love this place. I have tried multiple therapists, they are all good! However, if you want a next level massage that requires multiple days of recovery, ask for Heather, she is a 1x or 2x per year type massage.
Lily SmithLily Smith
16:08 23 Dec 23
My husband and I were on vacation in Portsmouth and booked last minute massages at Massage and Wellness Collective. Not only were they extremely accommodating for our last minute requests, but they were extremely knowledgeable about what would best fit our different needs for the massages. April and Heather were absolutely incredible and we both left feeling so relaxed! Would highly recommend.