Healing touch therapy involves non-invasive techniques, such as placing hands above the body to determine areas of energy imbalance, promote healing, and detect texture, temperature, or vibration changes. Healing touch therapy works with the personal energy field to support the body’s ability to heal.


Healing Touch Therapy Corrects Deficiencies in the Energy Field

The goal of healing touch therapy is to assist holistic and massage treatments by clearing, energizing, and balancing the personal energy field. Healing touch therapy helps promote mental, emotional, and physical health.

Massage and Wellness Therapy provides a sanctuary that serves healing touch therapy perfectly. Amidst peaceful surroundings, we can blend the perfect massage and wellness programs for clients to achieve optimum health.

What To Expect in a Healing Touch Therapy Session

Amidst peaceful surroundings, healing touch therapy sessions typically start when the therapists ask the client several questions about their health and ask permission if direct touch may be used. Clients may lie on a massage table or sit in a chair like other message settings.

The therapist prepares by getting client-centered. The therapist focuses on diving inward and eliminating distractions. The client can get into a deep sense of relaxation and calm once they enter a meditative state.

The therapist finally focuses on the client by assessing their energy field by moving their hands over their body or scanning to get a sense of their energy field.

The Techniques Used in Healing Touch Therapy

The Magnetic Passes Technique

In the magnetic passes technique, the therapist uses their fingers to comb or brush over the client’s energy field. No physical contact is made in this technique.

The Chakras Technique

In the Chakras technique, the therapist focuses on areas of stagnation or concentration of energy to help remove obstacles by placing their hands on the client’s feet and moving up the body.

Benefits of Healing Touch Therapy

The balancing of energy and the caring relationship developed between the client and the practitioner through the power of healing touch therapy delivers the following benefits:

Supports Physical Healing

The therapy enables energy to move unhampered throughout the body, promoting better flow and nutrient absorption. This action results in better regulation of hormone production and improved digestion. Healing touch therapy also strengthens the immune system by releasing toxins from the body. All these contribute to helping the body enhance its natural ability to heal.

Pain Relief

Removing energy congestions releases pain because these congestions cause pain in the first place. Specific pain types that healing touch therapy addresses are chronic pain, the pain originating from cancer treatment, and pain that happens when recovering from major illnesses.

Stress Reduction

The improvements in energy flow and the caring relationship developed with the therapist may reduce anxiety levels, improve concentration, promote good sleep, reduce fatigue, and help the client feel more energetic.

Promoting Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Wellbeing

Healing touch therapy helps the client reach a deep sense of inner peace and calm, which enables them to release worries that they might harbor. Healing touch therapy helps clients achieve a stronger connection to their spiritual selves and helps them address depression, anxiety, and other emotional issues.

Why Choose Massage and Wellness Collective for Healing Touch Therapy

Massage and Wellness Collective provides the perfect sanctuary for healing touch therapy. We provide you with a caring community and the perfect environment to help you quickly benefit from its emotional, mental, and spiritual effects. Amidst perfect surroundings, all the conditions present complement the techniques used in healing touch therapy exist.

Our therapists can determine the most ideally-suited healing touch technique to ensure that you will obtain maximum benefits. Massage and Wellness Collective also provides other holistic modalities to craft the perfect wellness program for our clients.

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