Our myofascial release massage in Portsmouth, NH, relieves recurring emotional and physical pain

Myofascial release massage focuses on reducing pain by easing the tightness and tension in specific points within your tissues. Let the long, slow, stretching strokes release tension in the myofascial tissues surrounding and supporting the muscles throughout your body.

Our expert massage therapists will locate and target the areas of tightness over a broad area of your muscles. The delicate process also helps improve your awareness of how your body and mind work together.

What To Expect During a Myofascial Release Massage Session in Our Massage Center in Portsmouth, NH

Massage and Wellness Collective is more than just a business. It is a sanctuary from the stress of daily life, making it perfect for your myofascial massage in Portsmouth, NH.

The process starts with an interview to determine the source of pain and if you are qualified to undergo myofascial massage. The therapist will feel your myofascial tissues for tightness and stiffness in places where you feel pain. The massage therapist will then use their hands to apply long, slow, and stretching strokes and massage methods to eliminate the tightness. After the massage session, you will feel an increased range of motion, decreased pain, and less stiffness in the treated areas.

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The Benefits of Myofascial Massage

Regular myofascial massage therapy provides tremendous health benefits for you:

  • Improved Range of Motion:

    • Eliminating knots and soreness can help your muscles regain their maximum function. When the pain that comes with movement is eliminated, you will experience more freedom to move.
  • Reduction of Soreness and Inflammation:

    • Myofascial release massage can help reduce inflammation in pain areas. Once the tension in the fascia is released, the improvement in blood flow will reduce joint pains, arthritis, and chronic pain.
  • Improvement of Blood Circulation:

    • The smooth and targeted strokes on specific myofascial tissues can increase blood flow and circulation, which also helps your muscles and organs function properly and helps reduce inflammation in pain areas.
  • Helps the Muscles Repair Themselves:

    • The resulting improvement in blood circulation and decrease in tension will help your muscles repair themselves by allowing oxygen and nutrients to flow freely.
  • Helps With Overall Relaxation:

    • Pain relief and improvements in blood circulation will help you achieve better sleep quality and overall relaxation.
  • Stress Relief:

    • Myofascial massage has a calming effect that helps soothe the mind as much as the body. Myofascial massage also improves mood, which enables you to relax and feel positive.

Myofascial Massage Contraindications

Providing complete health information to your massage therapist is vital to enjoying myofascial massage benefits. Knowing your limits is crucial to avoid damage to your myofascial tissue or experiencing excessive pain. Moreover, it is crucial to let the therapist know how much pain you are experiencing to ensure they adjust their massage technique.

Before undergoing myofascial massage, consult a doctor to clear you first. Several health conditions will disqualify you from receiving myofascial release massage:

  • If you have tumors
  • Any open wounds
  • Metabolic health conditions
  • Deep vein issues
  • Weak or broken bones
  • If you are taking blood anticoagulants
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Why Choose Massage and Wellness Collective for Your Myofascial Massage in Portsmouth, NH

At Massage and Wellness Collective, we seek to help our clients find the perfect place to relax, rejuvenate, and achieve their health goals by providing holistic massage and wellness solutions. We also help our clients find relief from both physical and emotional pain.

Our massage and wellness center provides the perfect environment with qualified massage therapists who can relieve tension, soreness, pain, and discomfort. Our myofascial massage therapy will also help you improve awareness of how your mind and body work together.

We also offer massage and wellness therapies to complement your myofascial massage. We can provide you with the ideal blend of treatments that addresses your specific health and wellness needs.

Please fill out the contact form on our booking page to book a session. To learn about myofascial massage, call (603) 373-8780.


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