Post and Prenatal Massage in Portsmouth, NH

Massage & Wellness Collective provides post and prenatal massage in our Portsmouth wellness center. Massages done during and after pregnancy provide massive benefits.


With Prenatal Massage, We Take Care of Your Body & Your Baby

Prenatal massage is not just about you. It is also about your baby. A massage therapist specifically trained in delivering prenatal massage is dedicated to facilitating comfort, relaxation, and health in various pregnancy stages while considering your condition and discomfort. Not only does prenatal massage assure the mother of comfort, but it also helps the baby through a healthy pregnancy.

What Can I Expect During a Prenatal Massage?

 Massage & Wellness Collective Provides a Perfect Sanctuary for Prenatal Massage

We are not just a business. We are a community. Massage & Wellness Collective provides a perfect sanctuary for expectant mothers to receive prenatal massages. There is no better place to get a relaxing and comfortable prenatal massage than a place where you can wind down, retreat, and feel at home. The relaxing atmosphere helps ensure effective results.

What Happens in a Prenatal Massage Session?

The details of prenatal massage in Portsmouth depend on your stage of pregnancy. A trained massage therapist will start with an interview before proceeding with the session. The massage therapist will apply pressure carefully on your body, especially in the breast, belly, and leg areas. During the session, you may lie on your side with special cushioning to ensure comfort. Your lines of communication will remain open throughout the session to maintain your comfort level during massage.

Prenatal Massage Portsmouth NH

What Can I Expect During a Postnatal Massage?

Postnatal massages are recommended for new mothers daily for up to one month after delivery. This bodywork takes between 30 to 45 minutes per session to allow for the therapeutic effects to promote quicker recovery from childbirth.

A massage session starts with an interview to discuss preferences. A trained massage therapist will do complete bodywork on the abdomen, chest, hips, arms, and shoulders using a special oil.

Prenatal Massage Portsmouth

What Are the Benefits of Prenatal Massage?

Prenatal massage goes beyond making expectant mothers comfortable. It is a safe supplemental treatment that helps provide ache and pain relief. It often helps expectant mothers who have a difficult time during pregnancy due to discomfort and pain. Our prenatal massage in Portsmouth is often ordered by physicians to help expectant mothers through pregnancy.

  • Swelling Reduction
    • Pregnancy often causes reduced circulation because of increased pressure on major blood vessels. Prenatal massage helps stimulate soft tissue to reduce fluid buildup on joints. It also helps improve the ability of the lymphatic system to carry away waste.
  • Hormone Regulation
    • Hormones, such as norepinephrine and cortisol, are reduced, while beneficial hormones, such as dopamine and serotonin, increase for women who receive prenatal massage. These changes help lower the chance of complications during birth.
  • Reduction of Headaches and Sinusitis
    • Prenatal massage helps decrease muscle spasms in specific areas, helping expectant mothers relieve headaches and sinusitis resulting from increased blood flow to mucus membranes.
  • Pain Relief or Reduction
    • Releasing serotonin helps decrease recurring bouts of discomfort, aches, and pain.
  • Blood Pressure Control
    • Prenatal massages facilitate better blood flow, maintaining optimum blood pressure for expectant mothers.
  • Improvement of Flexibility
    • Prenatal massages help prevent muscle stiffness and reduce muscle cramps.
  • Helping the Nourishment of the Fetus
    • Because of the increased blood circulation, prenatal massages help the flow of oxygen and nourishment reach the fetus.
  • Enhances Sleep
    • Prenatal massages have a calming effect on the brain because of nerve relaxation. Pain relief and discomfort reduction also help expectant mothers get better sleep.
  • Helps Women Through Labor

Reduction in lower back pain, stiffness, and muscle spasms help expectant mothers improve contraction during labor.

What Are the Benefits of Post-Natal Massage?

  • Helps Mothers Relax
    • Postnatal massage facilitates the release of endorphins, which fight off the stress and depression that usually comes with becoming a new mother.
  • Helps Mothers Get Better Sleep
    • As the body and mind get better relaxation through postnatal massage, mothers can get much-better sleep thereby reducing the fatigue that comes with caring for the baby.
  • Helps Heal Internal Wounds
    • Postnatal massage helps the lymphatic system in carrying away waste. It also helps significantly in recovering from muscle tension and sore spots created by the birth process.
  • Improved Breastfeeding
    • Postnatal massage helps the regulation of hormones called prolactin, which facilitates the production of milk. It also helps provide relief from pain and soreness in the breasts.

Why Choose Massage and Wellness Collective for Post and Prenatal Massage in Portsmouth

Well-trained massage therapists best deliver prenatal massage in a relaxing environment. Massage and Wellness Collective provides the perfect setting to ensure that expectant mothers maximize the benefits of post and prenatal massages. We also offer modalities to design the ideal massage designed for you.

To book a session, fill out the contact form on our booking page. Please consult with your physician before booking a session. To learn more about a post and prenatal massage in Portsmouth, NH, read about this massage treatment in our blog post, or call us at (603) 373-8780.

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