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Our Reiki massage treatment in Portsmouth enhances physical and emotional healing.

Reiki is derived from the Japanese words “rei,” which means “higher power,” and “ki,” which means “spiritually guided life force.” The foundation of Reiki is the belief that the life force surrounding all living beings is essential to their function and health.

Reiki treatments have their roots deep in ancient Eastern medical practices. Reiki restores the body’s movement capability by manipulating the life-giving energy to release chronic pain. Reiki also creates greater awareness, connection, flexibility, fluidity, and comfort.

Reiki treatments can be combined with clairvoyant readings, and crystals may be used during the session. The sessions dive into the subconscious, uncovering repressed emotions that can be overwhelming and powerful.

What To Expect During a Reiki Treatment Session in Our Wellness Center in Portsmouth, NH

Massage & Wellness Collective provides the perfect environment for Reiki massage sessions. Our Reiki master will use their hands to manipulate the life force energy by pacing over or on patients, transferring or optimizing the flow of life force energy. The improvement of the flow of life force energy helps the patient attain a unique spiritual and mental state that creates a mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical level of healing.

The relaxed atmosphere in a Reiki session transports the patient to a different place. Essential oils and soothing music accompany Reiki treatments. During Reiki treatments, crystals and clairvoyant readings may be included. Once the session is over, you will feel more relaxed and positive.


Benefits of Reiki Massage in Portsmouth, NH

Reiki massage has been used for millennia to address various emotional, spiritual, and physical ailments. From ancient medical practices in the Far East through modern day, Reiki is known to address these emotional and physical conditions:

  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Digestive Issues
  • Depression
  • Chronic Pain
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Anxiety

The feeling of calm, positivity, and improvements in their sense of self has led recipients to address their health issues as well.

Reiki Helps Enhance Mental Abilities

Reiki provides deep relaxation to recipients. The deep mental state attained by recipients helps them see their situation more clearly, helping them formulate better solutions to various problems. The improvements in the flow of life force energy help recipients address other emotional and mental issues.

Reiki Helps Raise Intuition

Through Reiki, recipients learn to listen to their bodies better. The deep mental state attained during Reiki sessions helps them learn to trust their intuition.

Reiki Helps Ease Depression and Anxiety

Reiki recipients often feel positive about themselves. The deep relaxation and receiving life force energy help them overcome various emotional issues, such as anxiety and depression, better than before.

Reiki Helps Provide Pain Relief

Aside from helping with their mental, spiritual, and emotional sate, Reiki treatments also help recipients with pain relief. The treatment balances the flow of life force energy relieves muscle and nerve tension and improves blood flow.

Reiki Treatments Help Address Digestion Issues 

Many digestive issues are typically stress-related. The correction of the balance of life force energy helps recipients with stress relief. The improvement of the flow of energy also helps with the correction of certain physical causes of digestion issues.

Why Choose Massage and Wellness Collective for Your Reiki Treatments in Portsmouth, NH

Reiki is for everyone. Whether you are old, young, healthy, or suffering from various physical and emotional problems, Reiki can provide benefits that will help address these. Reiki treatments deliver a deep sense of calm to recipients, enabling them to survive the stress of everyday life.

We also offer other modalities that can complement Reiki treatments to create a plan designed specifically for you. At Massage and Wellness Collective, you will find a sanctuary perfect for Reiki treatments.

To book a session, fill out the contact form on our booking page. To learn more about Reiki treatments in Portsmouth NH, call us at (603) 373-8780.


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