Swedish massage is perfect if you are seeking pure relaxation. Unwind your muscles using techniques that push muscles against deeper bones and massage in the same direction as the blood flow to the heart. Swedish massage incorporates various techniques to promote healing, stress relief, energizing the body, and improving blood circulation, which will benefit your overall health.


What To Expect During a Swedish Massage Session

A Swedish massage in Portsmouth is an ideal way to relax and unwind. Before a session starts, a massage therapist will interview you to ensure that the proper combination of techniques addresses your specific needs.

Once the massage session starts, the massage therapist will use a variety of the following methods to provide or promote healing:


As a warm-up, the massage therapist uses gentle gliding or circular strokes to soothe the muscles at the beginning of the massage and the end of the session. The massage therapist applies different pressure levels to loosen knots and relieve muscle tension. The degree of pressure the therapist uses depends on the client’s needs.


Petrissage helps promote blood circulation and stretch and loosen muscles. Petrissage consists of deep, kneading movements where the massage therapist compresses the soft tissues in rhythmic patterns. This technique takes the most time and is an optional step in each session, depending on the client.


Friction involves rubbing the thumbs and fingers over the massage area. The massage therapist applies linear or circular motions to soften and realign muscles when rubbing the sore area. This technique is ideal for working joints.


As the name suggests, vibration involves rhythmic shaking to loosen up and relax muscles. The massage therapist may use palms to shake the muscles and skin on your back. In the case of the face, the therapist may use fingers to facilitate the vibration. Vibration works best to soothe nerves with large knots and scars.


The name means “drumming” or “tapping.” The massage therapist applies hammer, hacking, cupping, slapping, or tapping actions over the massage areas. This technique promotes endorphin production to relax the body, relax tight muscles, and help facilitate lymphatic drainage.

Benefits of Swedish Massage

Aside from helping you attain relaxation and stress relief, a Swedish massage in Portsmouth also provides tremendous health benefits. Relaxing tight muscles and promoting blood circulation leads to benefits that help the heart and the body’s soft tissues.

  • Mood Booster
    • Swedish massage promotes the production of beneficial hormones, such as serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. The release of these hormones helps you feel positive and happy. This massage also helps reduce the production of a stress-causing hormone, cortisol.
  • Relieves Muscle Tension
    • Swedish massage warms the muscle and relieves tension gathered at muscle adhesions or knots. Swedish massage is highly beneficial for people suffering from severe cases of knots.
  • Improves Flexibility
    • Swedish massage helps improve the range of motion and thereby increases its stretching capability by relaxing the muscles and joints.
  • Nerve Stimulation
    • Swedish massage helps you manage pain and discomfort by manipulating the muscles and stimulating the nerves in specific body parts.
  • Facilitates Lymphatic Drainage
    • Swedish massage helps loosen the buildup of toxins by facilitating lymphatic drainage.

Why Choose Massage and Wellness Center for Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is widely recommended as a complementary treatment to address different health conditions. Swedish massage is also excellent for rehabilitating sports-related muscle stress and strain. Both people suffering from certain health conditions and healthy individuals will benefit from Swedish massage. Aside from getting relief from aches and pain, Swedish massage is an ideal way to relax and unwind.

That is why Massage and Wellness Collective is the perfect setting for Swedish Massage in Portsmouth. Amidst the stress of daily life, our wellness center in Portsmouth offers a sanctuary that helps facilitate both the physiological and psychological benefits of Swedish massage.

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