Trigger point massage therapy is a healthy and non-invasive way to relieve pain, reduce discomfort, and correct dysfunction in many parts of the body. The targeted method involves applying pressure on specific points, which are used to identify muscle knots or cramps inside the muscle tissue.


With Trigger-Point Massage Therapy, We Can Make You Feel Better

Amidst peaceful and serene surroundings, we will help you locate those active muscle trigger points and calm them down. Our massage therapist can release these trigger points to let your muscle relax and function properly, thus improving your overall sense of well-being.

Various techniques are used to release the tensions and knots in your muscle tissue, such as stretching, kneading, and other methods. Though you may initially feel discomfort, communicating with your massage therapist during the session is essential to ensure success.

What Can I Expect During a Trigger-Point Massage Therapy Session?

Our massage therapist will first do a short interview to allow you to share the point(s) where you feel pain. The massage therapist will then identify and locate the exact area where the problematic trigger point exists in your muscle.

Expect a gentle but comparatively heavy pressure for a few seconds while taking occasional breaks between cycles. The cycle repeats until the pain levels decrease.

Once the pain levels decrease, this indicates that sufficient blood flow is restored in the area. Trigger point massage therapy will benefit you if you have scar tissue or muscle knots.


What Are the Benefits of Trigger-Point Massage?

Though trigger-point therapy aims to release areas with tightness or knotted muscles, relieving the stiffness, pain, and discomfort also helps sufferers of specific ailments. These health problems, which are linked to muscle tightness, may be reduced after trigger-point massage therapy:

Trigger Point Massage Therapy May Decrease Headaches

Trigger-point massage therapy can help minimize or eliminate headaches that stem from tight neck or upper back muscles. There are instances that chronic headaches may be related to muscle tightness elsewhere in the body. If the underlying cause of headaches is muscle-related, trigger-point massage therapy can result in fewer headaches.

Trigger Point Massage Therapy Is Excellent for Pain Alleviation

In many instances, sufferers come to us with severe muscle pain. Trigger-point therapy is the best method to address this type of pain.

Trigger Point Massage Therapy Helps Restore Flexibility and Range of Motion

Muscle knots and the resulting pain lead to the limitation of flexibility and range of motion. Trigger point massage therapy relieves muscle tension and muscle knots, leading to the restoration of the overall range of motion. Athletes and people who frequently engage in physical activity find this type of therapy extremely beneficial to help maintain their required level of performance.

Trigger Point Massage Therapy Helps Improve Posture

Muscle tightness, especially of the lower back and neck muscles, causes slouching. Chronic cases typically lead to poor posture. BY relieving pain and tightness in these muscles, trigger point therapy eases the tension on muscles that cause posture issues.

Why Choose Massage & Wellness Collective for Your Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Massage and Wellness Collective is more than just a business. We offer a sanctuary for people in Portsmouth, NH who want the best atmosphere in which to relax within a short drive. Our massage therapists are vastly experienced in most massage methods, especially trigger point massage therapy.

We at Massage and Wellness Collective value communication to ensure that we fully understand the needs of our clients. Combining our skills and experience, the atmosphere we provide, and open channels of communication, are critical to achieving health and wellness. Moreover, we can combine other modalities to design the perfect massage and wellness program for you.


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