Unknotting Back Pain: The Power of Deep Tissue Massage

Unknotting Back Pain: The Power of Deep Tissue Massage

Unknotting Back Pain: The Power of Deep Tissue Massage
Most of the time, one has to experience back pain to fully understand how much of a huge hassle it can be. Of all the different types of pain, back pain can have the most significant impact on your daily life. Not only does it cause limited mobility, back pain sufferers also have difficulty sleeping. Overall, back pain keeps people from living normally and impacts their productivity.  

Back pain is a prevalent issue worldwide. According to Statista in 2020, over 7% of people worldwide suffer from lower back pain. Though low back pain may be associated with hard labor, over 10% of people are estimated to be affected by this even in high-income North America by 2030. Today, over 30% of people aged between 50 and 59 in the U.S. report having chronic back pain or sciatic pain. 

What Are Muscle Knots and How Are They Connected to Back Pain?

Unknotting Back Pain: The Power of Deep Tissue Massage

Before we discuss how deep tissue massage helps chronic back pain, it is crucial to understand which types of back pain it can address.

Muscle knots, also known as “trigger points,”  are tight, contracted areas within muscle fibers that commonly occur in the lower back muscles. These knots form over time due to various factors, such as poor posture, overuse, or stress, and are prevalent in adults over forty. Muscle knots are also common among younger individuals, such as athletes, who engage in strenuous physical activities. 

Many clients who approach Massage and Wellness Collective for massage treatment complain of shoulder and neck pain, though in most cases, knots are typically found in the back. Muscle knots are tender to touch and radiate pain to other areas, even down the leg, making it difficult to determine precisely where the pain originates. 

How Does Trigger Point Massage Address Back Pain?

Unknotting Back Pain: The Power of Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a targeted massage therapy method to relieve chronic pain due to muscle knots. Before the massage session begins, the therapist will note vital information about the source of back pain. If the pain is caused by a nerve or spinal injury or is the result of stress fractures, deep tissue massage is not the best modality. 

Deep tissue massage requires a qualified massage therapist to apply controlled pressure using specific strokes and finger movements to reach deeper muscle layers. These movements loosen knots and relax tight muscles, which can be the root cause of back discomfort. 

The deeper force used in this massage technique sets it apart from other massage methods specifically aimed at relaxation or to address other specific areas, such as Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, or Scalp Massage, making deep tissue massage the ideal solution for addressing back pain.

During the session, the massage therapist applies gentle pressure to prepare for deeper strokes. This warm-up phase prepares the recipient for the unfamiliar forces they will experience during the therapy. Deeper and slower strokes are applied on specific points to release contracted muscles and tissues. Deep tissue massage typically lasts longer than other massage techniques, lasting sixty to ninety minutes per session. 

Depending on the injury, clients may require multiple sessions before experiencing profound improvements in their back pain. At Massage and Wellness Collective, we can combine a variety of modalities to create a personalized massage treatment to address specific cases.

Case Example: Deep Tissue Massage To Address Ankylosing Spondylitis

In a 2017 study, ten back massage sessions spanning two weeks lasting thirty minutes each were administered to thirtyone male patients suffering from ankylosing spondylitis, a form of arthritis. The study showed encouraging results in reduction in pain among the participants in the control group. 

Details of the Deep Tissue Massage Procedure:

The massage therapist applied a series of ten back massages to address muscle and tendon issues causing lower back pain:

Therapy: Targets specific tight spots or knots in the muscles to release tension.

Oblique Pressure: This involves applying firm pressure at an angle to the muscle fibers.

Lengthening Strokes: These stretches lengthen muscles while the joint is being moved.

Cross-Fiber Strokes: The therapist rubs their fingers in a forward-and-back motion across muscle grains to loosen them. 

Anchor and Stretch: A tight area is held firm while stretching the surrounding muscles.

Muscle Mobilization: The erector spinae muscles along the spine were gently pushed sideways to improve their movement.

Why Choose Massage and Wellness Collective for Deep Tissue Massage?


Aside from being a short drive away from any point in Portsmouth, NH, Massage and Wellness Collective offers an excellent location for its residents.  Its location on Brewery Lane places it conveniently near Middle Street, a main artery of Portsmouth, NH.

Qualified Massage Therapists

Deep tissue massage is one of the most sensitive massage techniques. Given the nature of the pain type it addresses and the deeper pressure applied, deep tissue massage should only be administered by experienced and licensed massage therapists. Massage and Wellness Collective has qualified professionals specializing in deep tissue massage.

A Perfect Place for a Massage

Massage and Wellness Collective offers a pleasing contrast from the daily grind of New England living. Their wellness center is an oasis and a sanctuary for those seeking a perfect combination of relaxation and treatment through massage. Amidst the quiet solitude and soul-pleasing scents and music, clients are immersed in a relaxing atmosphere when they receive a deep tissue massage.

Excellent Reviews

Potential clients curious about the level of service Massage and Wellness Collective provides can browse the outstanding customer reviews on their Google profile. Aside from consistently getting five-star ratings, Massage and Wellness Collective receives glowing testimonials from people who have experienced relief from various types of pain, especially lower back pain.

For Deep Tissue Massages in Portsmouth, NH, Trust Massage and Wellness Collective

Massage and Wellness Collective is more than a business; we are a community of professionals on a mission to address the prevalent issue of back pain among a growing number of individuals in Portsmouth, NH. Massage and Wellness Collective, along with their highly qualified massage therapists, are ready to help clients find back pain relief in a sanctuary where they can escape the monotony and dress of daily life. Back pain relief is ever closer to Portsmouth, NH, residents at Massage and Wellness Collective. Visit Massage and Wellness Collective or call us at (603) 373-8780 to book a deep tissue massage session.