6 Reasons Why You Need a Sports Massage in Portsmouth, NH

6 Reasons Why You Need a Sports Massage in Portsmouth, NH


Have you ever wondered how professional athletes consistently maintain a high level of performance over a sustained period? The strain that high-level athletes put on their bodies demands optimal fitness.

That is when sports massage becomes critical. However, sports massage is not just for professional athletes. Various ailments, such as muscle strain and soreness, may prevent us from performing our daily tasks properly. The strain our daily lives expose us to also require us to maintain optimal fitness.

You don’t have to be a high-performance athlete to enjoy the benefits of sports massage. Sports massage is a therapy technique done manually. It is designed to manipulate and mobilize the body’s soft tissue structures. Sports massage differs from other massage techniques, such as relaxation massage, because more pressure is applied to target tissues. Whether you are a high-performance athlete, a lumberjack, a police officer, or a person with a desk job, you may qualify to enjoy the benefits of sports massage.

What Are the Different Types of Sports Massage?


Sports massage techniques have been perfected over the years to cater to the needs of anyone, whether they are preparing to take on physical tasks or recovering from them. Sports massages may be combined with various wellness and massage techniques to help people find relief from various ailments and health issues. Here are four types of sports massages and their purpose:

Pre-Event Sports Massage:

Pre-event sports massages are designed to aid performance and minimize injury risks before an event. They aim to increase tissue elasticity and blood flow, which benefits soft tissues by reducing tension.

For athletes, a pre-event sports massage session is done four to seven days before an event to allow tension from the massage to tone down. However, for most people, a massage therapist can structure your pre-event sports massage such that you can recover from any soreness within a day.

Post-Event Sports Massage:

As an athlete cools down, the massage therapist applies the appropriate pressure level to maximize the body’s ability to restore the proper function of affected tissues. Post-event sports massages are typically performed one to three days after an event. For most people, a form of a post-event sports massage may substitute a relaxing massage, especially for people whose occupations require more physical activities.

Inter-Event Sports Massage:

Sports physiotherapists typically perform inter-event sports massage to help athletes get relief from muscle pains during an event. These are not typically offered in clinics because these highly-customized sports massages are normally performed on the field.

Rehabilitative Sports Massage:

A rehabilitative sports massage typically forms a part of a total rehabilitative program that addresses the pain caused by injuries. Though rehabilitative sports massage does not address injuries directly, they are designed to minimize the pain that results from these. Your massage therapist must know everything about your injury to ensure they apply the appropriate pressure on target tissues.

The Benefits of Sports Massage

Sports Massage in Portsmouth, NH

Sports massages are highly-customized to cater to various requirements. Though designed primarily for athletes, people with either physically demanding jobs or even desk jobs may benefit from sports massages. Here are six primary benefits of a sports massage that everyone can enjoy:

   1. Increased Blood Flow:

Sports massage enhances the blood flow in muscles similarly to exercise. Instead of blood flowing through the muscles because of physical activity, sports massage causes the widening of the blood vessels to bring the blood closer to the skin surface, thereby increasing the ability of nutrients to flow to the muscles. You can move more freely by increasing the nutrient flow to the muscles.

  2.  Increased Flexibility:

Pressure and tension are stored in the muscle tissues during physical activity. Sports massage helps muscle tissues release this stored tension and pressure through expansion and stretching. By adding muscle flexibility, you can enjoy better muscle coordination, which can help reduce the risk of injury.

3. Relaxation:

The increased blood flow during a sports massage session generates heat through the muscles, which helps them relax. You will feel relaxed during or after sports massages because of the reduction of feelings of tension.

4. Reduced Anxiety:

The smooth flow of chemical hormones aids in the reduction of anxiety. Strenuous physical activity or the pressure of competition induces the release of certain hormones, such as epinephrine, norepinephrine, and cortisol, related to digestive disruption and stress. Sports massage regulates these hormones. In addition, chemical hormones, such as dopamine (also known as the “feel good hormone”), oxytocin (known widely as the “cuddle hormone”), and serotonin (a chemical hormone that helps regulate social behavior, appetite, digestion, and sleep), are released during sports massage sessions, thereby reducing anxiety and improve mood.

5. Breaks Down Scar Tissues

Scar tissue results from a previous muscle injury. The accumulation of scar tissues can be painful during physical activity, leading to further injury or reduced performance. Sports massage helps break down scar tissue, helping rescue the likeliness of pain and injury.

6. Provides Relief From Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

DOMS results from sustained muscle activity, especially during strenuous physical activities, and is typically associated with sports. DOMS is manifested by microscopic damage to muscle fibers, resulting in muscle stiffness and soreness. Though the body can heal itself from these microscopic damages, the process is slow. Sports massage speeds up the recovery of the process by improving the blood flow through the muscles, thereby reducing the likelihood of DOMS setting in.

Takeaways: Sports Massage Can Benefit You, Even if You Are Not an Athlete


Sports massage can bring pain relief and improve your quality of life regardless if you are an athlete or working in an office setting. A qualified massage therapist will maximize the benefits that sports massage therapy has to offer. Always make sure to discuss any previous injuries or fitness goals with your massage therapist to enable them to apply the appropriate pressure when administering sports massage. Sports massage can also be a part of a holistic healing or fitness program tailored to your unique needs.

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