7 Compelling Reasons Why a Deep Tissue Massage in Portsmouth, NH, is Deeply Satisfying

7 Compelling Reasons Why a Deep Tissue Massage in Portsmouth, NH, is Deeply Satisfying


People often compare Swedish or relaxing massage with deep tissue massage in Portsmouth, NH. Though both massage therapies have similar benefits, deep tissue massage focuses primarily on releasing chronic muscle tension by using deeper pressure. While Swedish massage gives you a relaxing effect through lighter pressure, the deeper pressure in deep tissue massage reaches the deepest layers of tendons, muscle tissue, and fascia.

If you seek a massage treatment option to address rehabilitation rather than relaxation, deep tissue massage offers a better alternative to Swedish massage. The deeper strokes and heavier pressure may cause some discomfort during and after massage sessions. The benefits of deep tissue massage are so compelling, that they far outweigh the slight pain you may experience during your massage.

Who Are Deep Tissue Massages For?


A deep tissue massage in Portsmouth is meant for people who seek treatment of major muscle groups, like the lower back or neck, after sustained periods of work or after strenuous activities such as engaging in sports like tennis, basketball, or even golf.

People undergoing rehabilitation following an injury can also opt for deep tissue massage because it can promote faster healing of muscles by reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow.

What Can I Expect During a Deep Tissue Massage in Portsmouth?


A deep tissue massage starts with the therapist asking you about problem areas, your daily activities, and your history of injuries, especially your most recent one. A deep tissue massage may involve your entire body or address one area that causes problems. The massage sessions are conducted in a quiet atmosphere.

The touch can vary, and pressure is applied at different levels. To warm up the muscles, the therapist will use a medium touch. The therapist will focus on problem areas after warming up your muscles using deeper pressure and kneading techniques. The intense pressure used by the therapist is applied in varying amounts.

What Compelling Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage in Portsmouth Make It Deeply Satisfying?


The pressure applied by the therapist during massage sessions is more intense than with other massage types. The focus is on treating muscle pain and eliminating stiffness rather than relaxation. However, the discomfort you feel during the session will be worth it because deep tissue massage provides the following physical and psychological benefits:

  • Aids Recovery After a Sports Injury

Deep tissue massage aids the release of both soft and deep tissue, which promotes recovery after an injury. The systematic manual manipulation of problem areas by rubbing, pressing, kneading, rolling, and tapping eliminates fascia pressure on pain-sensitive areas and restores proper alignment.

  • May Reduce High Blood Pressure

Limited studies suggest that deep-tissue massage may reduce high blood pressure. Similar manual manipulation techniques used in sports massage benefit hemodynamic changes, particularly in lowering blood pressure and decelerating heart rate.

  • Reduction of Pain, Such as Chronic Back Pain and Arthritis

A study was performed in 2017 involving sufferers of ankylosing spondylitis, a form of arthritis. A series of massages were applied to identify and reduce contributors in the musculoskeletal system that led to the lower back pain of participants. During the massage session, trigger point, oblique pressure, and combinations of lengthening strokes, cross-fiber strokes, and other massage movements, done over ten massage sessions across two weeks lasting 30 minutes each, significantly reduced lower back pain.

Deep tissue massage may also help manage pain related to other types of arthritis, sciatica,, and headaches women suffer after childbirth.

  • Increase in Joint Mobility

The higher-pressure kneading strokes and trigger points that reach deep into the muscles promote improvements in blood and fluid movement. The improvement in fluid movement frees up fluid buildup in joints and as a result, helps free up joint movement. The decrease in pain and inflammation also help make joint movements easier.

  • Decrease Fibromyalgia Symptoms

The petrissage massage stroke involves kneading movements targeted at deeper layers of tissue to aid lethargic muscles and restore vitality and strength to the recipient’s body. This manual manipulation relieves muscle, tendon, joint, and soft tissue tenderness, reducing pain. Moreover, the resulting mental benefits also aid fibromyalgia patients in raising health awareness and improving the client’s cognitive issues.

  • Aids Back Pain During Pregnancy

A study in 2016 suggests that deep tissue massage helped reduce lower back pain in a pregnant person. The participant reported reduced lower back pain after 12 sessions done twice a week lasting 30 minutes each. The serotonin level was observed to have increased, which was linked to pain relief in the legs and back.

  • Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Deep tissue massage helps stimulate blood flow, relieves muscle tension, lowers cortisol levels, and boosts the production of oxytocin, which has soothing effects. The ability of deep tissue massage to dilate blood vessels and lower the activity of the limbic system also contributes to its stress-relieving effects.

Massage and Wellness Collective Offers the Perfect Sanctuary for a Deep Tissue Massage in Portsmouth

Massage and Wellness Collective offers the perfect place in Portsmouth, NH, for deep tissue massage. With well-trained and vastly-experienced therapists, you will receive highly effective techniques in our quiet atmosphere that will help maximize the compelling benefits of deep tissue massage. We also offer other massage and wellness treatments combined with deep tissue massage to formulate a specific treatment program to address your health, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. To learn more about deep tissue massage in Portsmouth, or to book a session, call us at (603)373-8780, or visit our contact page.